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UpiCRM – WordPress Best Lead Management Solution

Leads from your site, from other sites, from any system, from Facebook campaigns, from Google Sheet… from Any source – centrally managed with your UpiCRM.  
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Upi WordPress Lead Management solution:

  • Easily interface with and extend popular WordPress forms.
  • Import leads from Facebook, From Google Sheets, from any webservce, from any source. 
  • A central customer relations management (CRM) solution for WordPress users.
  • Lead management and tracking.
  • Aggregate leads from multiple WordPress servers with UpiCRM Master / Slave
  • Dashboards / Reports / KPI’s
  • Contacts Management
  • Marketing effectiveness and monitoring

Why UpiCRM?

  • Non-intrusive, easy to install (30 min…)
  • Elegant & advanced, yet simple solution.
  • Intelligence and tracking – from lead source to actual goals…
  • Collaboration made easy – assign, track and manage leads with your team members, and you manager too.
  • It’s Free.

Import Facebook leads to WordPress with UpiCRM

Free WordPress CRM Solution & Lead Management– UpiCRM