Note: we’re doing our best to improve, debug, and add more features. Still –  if you have requests, wishes, or immediate needs – we’ll be happy to either include it on our roadmap or offer you the service or providing paid services. Just contact us if you need something.


Item / Feature Time est. (Hours) Cost est. Delivery time delivery date Remarks / details Action 
Caldera Forms integration 15  $            675  0 Added on 16th May, Version  Many people asked for this, we’re hoping to provide it soon. Say “Thank You” 
Field content automatic manipulation 15  $            675 0 Added, 29th May, Version  enable text edits/manipulation based upon field’s data (if field X contains “data” then fields “Y” equals “Hello” … Say “Thank You” 
Receive data from non-WordPress sites using Iframe/script/embedded forms. 24  $            1080 2 weeks Roadmap  allow UpiCRM to generate forms that can be implemented on 3rd party web sites (facebook, Joomla… other site) so thet UpiCRM can receive leads from additional sources. I need it now
Calculated / auto-populate field 12  $            540 1 week Roadmap ability to assign value to fields base on logic and content of existing fields I need it now
Round Robin lead distribution 2  $            90 1 week Roadmap I need it now
Spam Killer 30  $        1,350 3 weeks Roadmap Add lead spam filters I need it now
E-mail / newsletter integration / capability 50  $        2,250 4 weeks Roadmap integrate with MailChimp/etc, send / distribute e-mail based on lists/filters, more. I need it now
Improved E-mail template 18  $            810 1 week March 1st 2016 UX, functionality, direct mail reply + document reply on lead’s comments. We’re on it .
CRM / Convert to customer / Customer data 70  $        3,150 4 weeks Roadmap Convert lead to customer, extended data / management for customers. I need it now
Distribute lead to multiple users 8  $            360 3 days Roadmap I need it now
Translate to additional language 0  $               – 2 days whenever you need it Just contact us, get the PO file and send it to us, we’ll include it. I need it now
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