UpiCRM provides an advanced yet simple Lead Management solution:

New acquired leads from your WordPress web sites are immediately distributed and assigned to the people you designate, while detailed alerts are being sent.

 A unified dashboard will provides full visibility into leads : number, status, process stages, open tasks, and pipeline/revenue projections.

Advanced alerts, tasks management, reporting and dashboards, will ensure all your customers and leads will be handled in the most optimal manner.



  • Agregagte all incoming leads into a single managed table.
  • Attached traffic source – HTTP referral – to every lead.
  • Use URL tagging (UTM tagging) in order to connect each lead with the origin traffic source – campaigns, ads, sites, etc.
  • Manage leads status throughout the complete cycle of a lead.
  • Assign leads to team members – and let them manage their own leads while you centrally monitor the process.
  • Analyze your marketing effectiveness either with the UpiCRM dashboard or simply download all data to Excel and create your own analysis and charts.

Try the UpiCRM WordPress CRM solution for WordPress now – it’s FREE.


WordPRess LEAD Management dashboard

Leads status owners CRM WORDRESS lead management.