UpiCRM – Now a mobile WordPress CRM Solution

So… you asked and we delivered.
UpiCRM now allows you to manage your leads and customers using your mobile phone, with a single click, while away from the office or just on your lunch break.
What can you do ? it’s simple:

  • You can assign a new lead to any of your UpiCRM users (marketing manager, sales manager etc…)
  • You can change a lead status
  • You can add comments / manage the lead information.

And all this – using the new “Single Click Action” available with UpiCRM

See screen shots here (and don’t forget to update your version!!)

  • UpiCRM WordPress CRM Mobile 1
    UpiCRM WordPress CRM Mobile 1
  • UpiCRM WordPress CRM Mobile 2
    UpiCRM WordPress CRM Mobile 2
  • UpiCRM WordPress CRM Mobile 3
    UpiCRM WordPress CRM Mobile 3


UpiCRM now supports Ninja Forms !

Well… good news!
Due to a specific demand from the community, we have also upgraded UpiCRM to support Ninja forms as well.
This means, as far as we know, that we can interface with about 99% of WordPress sites using an
existing forms plugin in order to extend, organize and manage your site leads and customers.

Example – A Ninja form on your site:




A Ninja form fields mapped into UpiCRM unified database:



All new Ninja forms entries are now managed with UpiCRM:


If you have any requirement or additional need – just let us know!



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