Caldera Forms is now supported By UpiCRM

Well,  you’ve all been asking for it for some time now.

UpiCRM now supports Caldera Forms, among other forms such as Contact Form 7, Ninja forms & Gravity Forms.

Starting from version , release on mid May 2016, we can now aggregate, collect, manage, distribute and more – all the entries of Caldera forms as well.

Why did we choose to embrace Caldera Forms ?

First – because you asked for it. But also – it seem like this plugin is fast gorwing, generating great response from the users, great ratings, and as we tested it ourselves – it’s a very good plugin!!

Good luck to Caldera forms, I hope our users will use UpiCRM along with Caldera forms and enjoy both worlds.

…and if there’s any other feature or capability you need… look at our UpiCRM roadmap page.

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