Google Sheet & FaceBook Leads Import into WordPress with UpiCRM

You can now use UpiCRM to import leads from a Google Sheet into UpiCRM. (Beta – UpiCRM extension)

Since Facebook campaigns generated leads can be integrated with Google Sheets, you can now also import FaceBook leads into your WordPress Site using UpiCRM.

Link – how to connect FaceBook with Google Drive :


1. Follow the instructions on the link above in order to export your FaceBook leads to a Google Sheet. 

2. Add authentication with google: 
go to : and click on “Enable API and services”

3. search and Choose Google Sheet API, and click on “Credentials” 




4. Choose Google Sheet API, Web Server as source, and User Data for processing

5. Download the Json File from Google: 

this file contains your authentication email id which looks like “”. 

5. You now need to share your Google Sheet with “View” permissions for this email.

6. Upload the Json file to the UpiCRM Google Sheet screen:

6. After you have shared your document with your authentication email , and uploaded the Json file to UpiCRM,

you can add the URL of the sheet, and map the fields into UpiCRM.

Note: You can now use this email address as your authentication for all future connection – just use the same Json file and share your Sheet with this email address: 

7. Now map the Sheet fields into UpiCRM data types and fields: 


UpiCRM will now use “WP Cron” in order to periodically activate a “Pull” process from the google sheet into the lead management data. 

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