Google Sheet & FaceBook Leads Import into WordPress with UpiCRM

You can now use UpiCRM to import leads from a Google Sheet into UpiCRM. (Beta – UpiCRM extension)

Since Facebook campaigns generated leads can be integrated with Google Sheets, you can now also import FaceBook leads into your WordPress Site using UpiCRM.

Link – how to connect FaceBook with Google Drive :


1. Follow the instructions on the link above in order to export your FaceBook leads to a Google Sheet. 

2. Add authentication with google: 
go to : and click on “Enable API and services”

3.  Click on Create”Credentials” , and choose “Service Account Key” 



4. selsct the “Json” key – and download it to your computer: 

5. Download the Json File from Google: 

this file contains your authentication email id which looks like “[email protected]”. 

5. You now need to share your Google Sheet with “View” permissions for this email.

6. Upload the Json file to the UpiCRM Google Sheet screen:

6. After you have shared your document with your authentication email , and uploaded the Json file to UpiCRM,

you can add the URL of the sheet, and map the fields into UpiCRM.

Note: You can now use this email address as your authentication for all future connection – just use the same Json file and share your Sheet with this email address: 

7. Now map the Sheet fields into UpiCRM data types and fields: 


UpiCRM will now use “WP Cron” in order to periodically activate a “Pull” process from the google sheet into the lead management data. 


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