Lead Management with Organizational structure / tree

Well, if you have a complex hierarchy in your organization, Something like sales management across multiple countries/continents, or working with many different affiliates – UpiCRM is the solution for to distribute leads to the entire team, both external and internal, while maintaining the structure of your organization.

Lead Management with Organizational structure / tree

When you add the new user to UpiCRM:

  1. Choose the new user from the drop down list (note: the user should be a WordPress user, usually with a role of “Subscriber”.
  2. Choose his manager from the drop down ‘Reprts to’ list
  3. Add role (free text / label)
  4. Choose permission (role): UpiCRMUser/UpiAdmin
  5. Choose if a user can re-assign leads back to the manager? yes/no.
  6. Choose if the manager will receive notifications on the user status updates? yes/no.

Note: you can always click the “edit” icon and change the user’s role/position/permissions.

well – that’s it.

the manager can always see all the leads for the subordinates, every one can see/manage leads assigned only to them, or to their subordinates, etc.

Just intall UpiCRM… it’s free, and you’ll see this capability under the”User Center” submenu of UpiCRM.

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