Leads Mangement & Web Services integration – Send leads into / from a remote server.

Leads – Web Services integration – Send leads into / from a remote server.

Following requests and the needs of our users, we have release during Sep. 2016 a new version now supporting web services integration.

The new capability now allows a UpiCRM installation to receive incoming leads from ANY remote source, and also allows a UpiCRM installation to send leads to ANY remote source.

The outbound leads sending works in sync with the rules engine, so basically you can choose to send a lead to a remote source if a rule applies, (if “product” contain “shoes”, then – transmit lead to a remote web service), and an incoming lead will also pass through the rules engine (if “country” equals “Spain”, assign lead to “Marco” and change status to “Assigned” )

The most extensive use our customers are using this feature is for example – aggregating leads from several WordPress site using the aggregation feature, and then, when all leads are managed on a single “Leads Management” server, they choose to transmit the leads to their external CRM system using the web service integration, when a leads matures to specific stage.

Leads Management - Web searvices UpiCRM


Picture: All leads are received on sites A,B,C , and are aggregated into the Lead Management server on another WordPress server with UpiCRM master installation.

User can work with the collected leads by signing into the Upi Master as subscribers with “Upi-Admin” user roles, view, manage, and share their leads. Once a leads matures – it can be manually or automatically transmitted to a remote system using the web service outbound mechanism.

See more in this video demonstration: 


As shown by our current users, UpiCRM can collect, aggregate and manage leads from unlimited number of web sites. A true universal lean and mean lead machine!

Enjoy, it’s free!

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