WordPress lead distribution with – round robin , email, rules and more.

Distribute leads to your team members, using email, automated rules, Round-robin style, and more.

UpiCRM – collects all your leads from all your forms, databases, google docs, Facebook leads, excel, web services and more.

UpiCRM – not just a  WordPress lead distribution plugin – can even collect (aggregate) leads from all your sites into a single lead management center, and then distribute all your leads to anyone, using automated rules, advanced and customized email templates, round robin style, and more. 

This now means the if, for example, you have several distributors in a country, and you want to share the leads between several people, you can simply choose to send the leads one after the other to each of the team members, one lead at a time.

in order to achieve that – simple go to the Auto Lead management screen, create a rule, and choose – in action: Assign to: … and choose as many Upi Users as you like. UpiCRM will send the leads to your chosen users, one by one.

We hope you will use our solution and enjoy the possibilities it creates… and don’t forget to tell us if you need anything else!


Download UpiCRM today – it’s free!



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