UpiCRM – a Universal WordPress CRM solution is born

UpiCRM – a Universal WordPress CRM solution is born.


In the old times there were the blogs.

For posting articles and personal uses, the masses chose WordPress as their platform.

Following their path, came the small businesses, then the companies, and then WordPress was a common platform for the larger enterprises.

Where online marketing is conducted, a solution to manage, measure, and improve the complete process – is always required.

When researching the market, the options were either painfully (and costly!!) interface with existing CRM solutions, or use some improvisations or manual/offline solutions.

And so – the Universal WordPress CRM solution – or UpiCRM – was conceived.

UpiCRM – can be installed and configured on any WordPress site, can interface with your current and existing platform, web forms, leads, databases, etc. , and immediately provide a complete CRM solution that allows the complete process of managing your prospects, leads & customers, while also solving the complete analysis challenge, providing you with insightful information about your online marketing effectiveness across multiple channels.


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